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pripyat gas mask.

while walking in one of the many buiildings in pripyat we stumbled upon this particular gas mask. this one was in a factory yard amungst debris of leaves in the middle of the yard.

Abandoned gas mask.


Friday night.

This is a rant and a test to see how to work wordpress.

My First friday night at home alone. How the fuck did this happen? why did i decide to stay at home alone When I could have gone to any of 3 things that I had on tonight?
First is a friends birthday party. I really would have liked to have gone and seen my exploring friends away from a drain or an asbestos ridden abandoned building.

Second was a party that a mate was having. that would have been ok to goto.

Third thing I could have done was go draining with a few mates to a drain that i hadn’t been to yet.

The reason that I stayed at home was for the past week i have been coughing my lungs out like it’s going out of fashion. last week a group of us went into the deathstar. The deathstar is a sewerage overflow tank that is great for light painting.

<img src="http://Deathstar” alt=”” />

while it doesn’t get used there is a small layer of dried up poo on the floor. this isn’t that bad but when we were all there everyone was walking on the dried up poo and kicking up poo particles.

the morning after going to the deathstar i felt less than ordinary. Didn’t think much of it at the time. the day went on and and i felt worse than i did in the morning. While visiting the parents place later on in the afternoon i developed a bad cough and a fever. time to go home and rest. Sunday arrived and I was in a horrible way. coughing up phlegm of the green colour and my brain was fucked. couldn’t think straight.

Took the Monday and Tuesday off from work and got me some DRUGS from the docs. fever went away but the constant coughing still remains with hints of phlegm present. hooray for chest infections!!!!!  So as i try and regain what little health i do have left i stay at home watching bad TV and not trying to think of what everyone else is doing and how good of a time they are having.

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