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Abandoned and not haunted.

I am doing this mock blog as I am tired of all the news articles that start off with “30 haunted abandoned buildings” 33 of the most wonderful abandoned buildings in the world” and “14 romantic abandoned buildings in the world.

There are just too many of them on the Internet. so here is my selection of places that are just abandoned. There is nothing special about them, they are not haunted and they are not romantic. They are just abandoned buildings that people take photos of. sure the photos are great but it doens’t make them haunted or romantic.

This is a house was burnt. (not haunted)

This is an abandoned mental asylum. (not haunted)
Wasting away

This is an abandoned student village. (not romantic)

This is an abandoned hotel. (Not wonderful)
Inadvertant self-portrait


Abandoned mansion. (not haunted)


Greece and graffiti.

When i was in greece in december I took a stroll around athens and noticed there was lots of graffiti around. so i took my camera with me and started snapping photos. here are just some of the snaps i took .ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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