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The hypocrisy of the cave clan.

the cave clan started in the 80’s when 3 guys went down a drain. nothing exciting about it really. Over the last couple of decades the cave clan have gathered in members and have ventured into exploring abandoned buildings rather than just drains. I have never been a member of the cave clan and nor will I be after the events of the past year or so.

It all started off for me when I began to use my camera and take photos after not using it for a while. My interest was abandoned buildings and then onto drains. I have never been one for joining a group or one for rules. That meant the cave clan wasn’t for me, as they have rules about what photos you can post and what information you can share with your friends about new abandoned buildings. If I have information about an abandoned building that I know a friend doesn’t know about I’d share it. If I were in the cave clan I wouldn’t be allowed to share said information with them. that to me is just wrong and reminds me of a cult that tries to split the ‘URBEX’ community apart for their own ego.

Having said that, I do appreciate the Cave clans dedication to preserving abandoned buildings from tagging and graff. That alone should not be a reason to withhold information from other non CC explorers who you trust who also would like to goto these places and photograph them. I don’t understand that rule,  But I am not one for rules. For me it just seems a little bit elitist and egotistical.

The hypocrisy that I am talking about is their stance with graffiti in drains. This is a quote from the CC Wikipedia page.

“The Cave Clan has long officially distanced itself from graffiti, despite the historical practice of discrete tagging as a historical documentation practice.”

Graffiti is graffiti. it doesn’t matter how big the tag is or where it’s done. it’s still graffiti.
Is tagging an entire wall of a drain in big letters considered discrete?

In my opinion I am not convinced that it’s discrete and a blatant message telling others that venture down the drains that they rule the drain. But that’s just my opinion. No one has claim to the drain and should tell others what to do down there. Only the government has that power and the water authorities.

The drains that I have explored in Melbourne (where the cave clan started) are littered with tags and graffiti from CC members. how can one group be so opposed to graffiti and then tag and graff the drains they are protecting against graffiti artists?



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6 thoughts on “The hypocrisy of the cave clan.

  1. If photographer types weren’t so ego stroking in the first place with their flagrantly indiscreet flickr accounts, this hobby wouldn’t need to be so secretive.

    You haven’t been around for 25 years, so I don’t expect you to understand, but I will say that a diplomatic approach would have been considerably better, especially since this is such a small misunderstanding you’re upset about.

    I have only heard people speak highly of you, and the fact they respect you do your own thing, now you come out with garbage like this? Way to make yourself look like a total clown mate. ‘Going Rogue’ is not going to win you any friends or reveal sympathizers, we’re all friends here.

  2. That giant “Cave Clan” in the drain is older than a lot of the current drain explorers. The original graf in the drains was the only way for explorers to communicate before the internet.

    The damage to topside locations happens when it becomes common knowledge how to get into them, there is no need to tag everything with a location when you take photos.

  3. The OG Cave Clan is dead. It’s been ruined by fuck-heads.

  4. Your spiel is full of misinformation. For starters you can tell your friends whatever you like – the restrictions are about putting photos up with details on how to enter the location. This is in no way exclusively a Cave Clan rule – most exploring groups, forums and like who have gone beyond the “I need to know and explore everything” rush has this rule.

    As far as graffiti goes, the Cave Clan has learnt from its mistakes. That’s how people learn and advance – keep in mind that the Clan was started by a group of 15 year olds.

    If Cave Clan is as bad as people like Murdoch says then why has it lasted longer that any Urbex group in the world?

  5. CC is full of neck bearded losers and have parties in scummy drains with people half their age.

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