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Banned from facebook.

As much as we all hate facebook and despise the rules set upon us from facebook, we do need it. it’s a great way to share information on a mass scale. post stupid with you and your mates, do a check-in (fucking hate them!) and share videos from YouTube about monkeys attacking a car full of tourists.

Every now and then I would post a photo that could be deemed offensive or inappropriate. That wont stop me posting photos. If you don’t like it don’t comment on it. If you get sick of my photos then defriend. IF you don’t like it make a groaning noise and look away. Simple.

You would think it was that easy. No.

The other week I clicked on the bookmark for facebook. a different screen came up from the news feed.

Ok so it’s not the most tasteful photos and they are naked, but you don’t see cock or arse. Sure jesus is covering their bits but it was easter. what did you want my to do? have santa cover their junk? that would just be weird.

I clicked on continue and facebook told me off and said i was a bad boy. blah blah blah!

I thought that would be the end of my slap on the wrist. No. I got a banned for 24 hours. really facebook? you think that’s going to stop me posting photos?


I don’t know who reported the photo could have been a ‘friend’ of mine or a friend from one of the two people tagged in the photo.

This hasn’t been my first ban on facebook and it won’t be the last.


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4 thoughts on “Banned from facebook.

  1. Lololololol. When it comes to wacky photos, you are my favorite. 😀

  2. Don’t lie, you love a good drive-by check in!

    Hopefully we can do some good ones in Kiev.

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