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Old traffic controls

This was the day that Mariarchi and I were looking for for a while. This place had been abandoned for years and years. The building in question was an old traffic control center near the west gate bridge in Melbourne. The main building wasn’t that exciting. There was only one room in the place that held anything worth photographing. It was the main control room.  This room was alarmed and any movement would set the alarms off.

Mariarchi and I had organised to go exploring after work one day. On the drive to met him i drive by the control center as it was on it way. I noticed that they had started to demolish the building. On a whim we decided to go and explore this place instead as the alarms would probably be turned off now that the building was half gone. They were.


We spent a good 10 minuets there taking photos and and looking at how old these controls looked to us. They are like something out of a bad Sci-fi movie.





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