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Down by the train yards

This particular train yard has LOTS of freight trains that have been sitting on the tracks rusting away over the years. It was about a 5 minuet walk from my house but I hadn’t explored it in the 1 and a half years that I have lived here, Till one day when on a mission with mariarchi we decided to go and take photos of the rusting trains and the offices that were then.



The following photo is a random teddy bear that we spotted in one of the freight trains.



Earlier that day we had entered one of the train tunnels that is a few Kms away.




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4 thoughts on “Down by the train yards

  1. Great shots! Especially like the first and the fifth!

  2. Love your blog Murdoch, and thanks for looking at mine!

  3. Allen on said:

    Hey Bro,just read the paragraphies about the train yard and heater factory, very nice wors and awesome pics, im a photographer too and very interesting in these places, mind told me the location or address of these place ? Many thanks bro

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