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I found out about a homestead out in no where that had been abandoned by a friend. She took some amazing photos of the place. it looked like the homestead had been untouched since the people left it to decay. The previous occupants had left a piano behind that she photographed. A PIANO!!!!!!

I asked where where this place was (hate asking for locations) she replied with what town it was in and that it was down a dirt road as she couldn’t remember where it was exactly. she also mentioned the name of the place. I trust here, she wouldn’t lie about something like that. SWEET i thought. this will be a piece of piss to find on google. Ummmmmmm…….no it wasn’t. I gave up and decided to take a drive down there and look for it in person.

My mask ‘mask’ and i went for a 2 hour drive in search of the homestead. once we got to the town we drive down every friggen dirt road that was there. Luck wasn’t on our side. After the long drive and searching for it for ages we didn’t find it. While we were searching we found one other place. We got all excited as the trip wasn’t a waste of time. The homestead we found was beautiful on the outside and on the inside it was just as nice. No piano though 😦

Mask and i spent some time there taking photos and admiring the home. We decided to have another look for the one that we wanted. we drive around the town yet again. no luck. I gave up and asked one of the locals in the fish and chip shop. He either didn’t know what i was on about or didn’t want me going to it as he could have thought I would trash the place. A second road trip is needed to find this place.


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